Meditation and Dance
(Children and Young People)

Mediation and Dance for Children and Young People

Janet Etty-Leal, a respected Mindfulness Teacher of more than 20 years, developed the Meditation Capsules and Dance programs.

Videos - Meditation Capsules

Exploring all kinds of shapes and movements can bring awareness to our body and nurture a curious and creative mindset. Meditation Capsules is a four-part series exploring a range of hands-on, interactive and fun mindfulness practices for children and young people.

Videos - Dance

Moving with music gives us the opportunity to explore all kinds of creative ways to connect to our body. This session is for children and families to get involved, stretch their bodies and be active.

Music Sessions for Children

For more Childrens videos join Peter Mac Music Therapist Stef Zappino in a series of ‘Sing Along’ videos.